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empowering female personal & professional development coaches and speakers to be their own BRAND HEROS 

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I offer BRAND HERO VIP DAY of branding and website design & launch for personal & professional development coaches and speakers that are ready to book premium engagement opportunities in the new online world. 

in 3 weeks or less

brand, website & launch

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Brand strategy, website, or visual branding will take weeks, if not months to wrap up and launch.
You do not have time to waste and simply wait that long. The BRAND HERO Day Rate Program is crafted just for you.

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tackle your to-do list

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You will have pre-work to do before the big day. Do not worry it will be very organized and easy to follow. I will take care of the rest

brand hero PROGRAM

If we are a good fit, we will book your DAY RATE or VIP DAY project into my calendar, sign contracts, and take care of payments.

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Let's chat about your project, what the program entitles, and see how fast we can get started!

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My name is Olga Kovtun, I am a wife, a mother of two kids and 3 fur babies (+ an International Women Empowerment Speaker). I have 15+ years of experience to deliver brand strategy, brand design and marketing solutions to my awesome clients.

I work remotely with you, {COVID-19 approved, right?!}. I have created a BRAND HERO Program to help you reach some hefty goals, stay relevant to your audience, generate and implement creative approaches, so you can hit the ground running & get paid.



what my clients are saying

You are meant to help others.

Let's fill your branding & website cup first.

βœ” Are you tired of doing it all by yourself - marketing, follow up, networking, social media, etc.?

βœ” Have you hired designers/help unsuccessfully?

βœ” Are you getting rejected for speaking engagements?

βœ” Are you doing more free engagements than paid?

βœ” Do you have a presentation portfolio of your services that will sell for you?

βœ” Do you have professional brand photography?

βœ” Do you have branding or is it outdated?

βœ” Are you not being seen as an authority in your niche?

βœ” Do you have one premium offer you are focusing on?

βœ” Do you have a working website that help you run your business?

βœ” Are you hatch-patching your social media accounts?

βœ” Do you go from good week to bad week and all over?

so tomorrow you can start promoting your

with branding you are proud of.

Branding and website today, paying clients tomorrow. I help female personal & professional development coaches and speakers build instant trust with their new premium paying clients through one BRAND HERO VIP DAY of branding, website. launch strategy and back-end systems you can live with.

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delivered in 3 weeks

are you standing on the way of your own success?

one premium offer

my free Step-BY-STEP guide to help you plan, pose and nail your brand photoshoot like a pro! 

3 Steps To A Perfect Brand Photoshoot

Even if you are
camera shy!

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                                              you will have an updated branding, website and A plan of action to deliver your premium offer to your ideal client.

In less than 3 weeks

βœ” To have branding that you are proud of and you want to show off

βœ” For an attractive website that converts people to take action

βœ” To have consistent branding to show up on social media platform of choice

βœ” To know what to post and how often

βœ” To have the newsletter set-up and running

βœ” To approach your niche with one premium offer

βœ” To pre-qualify your leads

βœ” Get more paying opportunities

βœ” Show up as an authority in your field

my vip day is for you if...

βœ— Everyone is doing what I do, why should I do it differently

βœ— There is too much competition

βœ— No one will pay me for online work

βœ— There are no large budgets for speakers/ coaches anymore

βœ— The type of clients I have attracted in the past will not pay me more

βœ— My niche is overcrowded

βœ— I have no confidence in what I do

βœ— I can do it all by myself including branding and web

my vip day is not for you if...

You think that

You are ready

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"Standards of excellent, ability to intuitive what is needed, professionalism, lightening fast turnaround times, effective nature of her packages, creative prowess, depth and breath of creative expertise, 'can do' attitude, nothing is a problem, ability to interpret and make suggestions is nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY and of world-class standards!"
- Sally Anderson, Coach To CEOs

what you get:

βœ” Refreshed branding that you are proud of and you want to show off. (Logo, colors, fonts,  brand photography guidance) 

βœ” Attractive one page website that converts people to take action (and you can easily maintain yourself) BONUS: Custom Mobile Version

βœ” Guidance to niche down with one premium offer to match (So you can stay laser-focused)

βœ” Consistent branding to show up on social media platform of choice (colors, fonts, logos and images all accessible in one spot)

βœ” Knowledge what to post and how often (aka BRAND HERO Game Plan)

βœ” Your email newsletter set-up & freebie sequence up and running (on the platform of your choice)

βœ” Learn to pre-qualify your leads (So you can sell your Premium Offer without "selling")

βœ” Showing up as an authority in your field (Because you are!)

βœ” More paying opportunities (Because just look at what we just accomplished above!)

βœ” BONUS: After launch 14-day Voxer voice chat support

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Great question! Your VIP day will be scheduled on Thursday at least 2 weeks in advance. During YOUR VIP DAY, I dedicate the day to work on your project and provide you the deliverables in one day.

Why two weeks out? Because we have homework to do, do not worry I take you there step by step. I have a project management software that will help us stay on track, you will have your branding photoshoot done, you will select your colors, fonts with my help and guidance,  you will choose a template for your website, we will work on your niche and copy, all of it together. Super organized and not overwhelming. We will do a marketing call kick-off to make sure we are ready! It all will come together in one day BRAND HERO VIP DAY.

Program FAQs:

How Are We going To Do it all in one day?

Great question, we work as a team, I know my business the best, you know your business the best. Homework is part of it, so you will have to invest some time into it, even your brand photoshoot might take half a day to do.

You will need to dedicate at least 15hrs of your time during the 2-3 week prep phase of the BRAND HERO VIP DAY program. It is nothing compared to the time you save not doing it all yourself anymore.

Let's jump on a quick zoom chat to see if the program is right for you!

Program FAQs:


Everything I do is with YOU in mind. Your website will be easy to update and manage on your end once it is built, I will record a video for you of how to do it and I will provide enough resources that anyone can do it.

Your brand refresh will be uploaded in your own CANVA pro account: colors, fonts, logos, social media templates for launch use and future re-use. I will record a video of how easy it is to use and how you can plan out your social media content in a day! Video instructions provided.

Your newsletter template and email sequences for your freebie will be loaded into your account and ready to go! You will be in charge!

Program FAQs:


I have been invited to be a speaker at many international events, I have hosted about 100+ live interviews and I have seen amazing life coaches and motivational speakers like you, that are ready to change the world!

Unfortunately, most do not stand out and do not even have a headshot they can send over for the artwork, nor a website that indicates their passion for helping people thrive. It is time to stand out and get paid for your services and your expertise! (I will help you secure a photoshoot before our VIP DAY)

You are investing in your future! Photography is more important than ever before in helping you to stand out, make first impression, and connect with your clients. Lifestyle photos will help us tell your story!

Program FAQs: