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Dear personal & professional development coaches and speakers...

Only 1 spot available this month. I only accept 2 clients per month.

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Is your brand turning heads or turning away opportunities? 

You have the ability to get premium paying clients in the online world, you just have to show up as an expert!

Branding, website, and launch strategy to match can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when you are struggling to get paid clients as is.

▶ You do a ton of design or web work yourself, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results you can be proud of.

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like hiring designers that ghost you, signing up for free webinars and challenges to improve your business, and even trying to do what others are doing, but you still feel super unaccomplished.

▶ You’re so focused on “doing it all” that you're worried you’ll never figure it out. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not.

▶ You’re not sure if another WhatsApp networking group or one more FREE appearance can help you, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

If you’re being honest, it downright SUCKS...

You spend hours & hours every day posting on social media without a strategy, networking online, jumping on Zoom calls, try to sell your services, or build long-term relationships that hopefully will turn into a business.

Maybe being in many places at once gives you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits or overwhelm.

You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like NOTHING will work. I know, because I’ve been an international speaker and presenter for the past year {Thanks COVID} and I have seen many personal & professional development coaches and speakers that are struggling to tap into their business potential.

And I’m here to help.

Truth bomb: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve getting premium paying clients one bit.

I help personal & professional development coaches and speakers to achieve brand refresh, website design, and launch strategy in ONE VIP DAY with a specific framework that will elevate your business in the online world. 

Hello, I’m Olga Kovtun!

as seen in:

Imagine being able to implement all of that in less than 3 weeks with a proven system that you can use again and again. For real. No more waiting to be great!

branding, website, and launch strategy

▶ You wake up every morning EXCITED to tackle lead generation because you have the system and knowledge you need to handle it like a PRO. You now have a brand you are proud of, the website that talks to your ideal client that is ready for your service and they are excited to hear from you. Because of the expert you are now, showing up is easy for you!

▶ You book clients with ease and you finally feel the way you WANT to feel because you’re confident doing your self-promotion. It does not feel sleazy, because you provide value, you focus on one premium offer, and your self-confidence is through the roof.

▶ You have more paying opportunities now that you’re not STRESSING about getting paid. In less than 3 weeks your mindset has changed, you have improved relationships, more money in the bank, a better mood and you are ready to help your clients or deliver your services as a premium service provider, no more playing in an online-networking sandbox!

Because you know what happens when you finally know how to sell yourself as an expert with ease?

Only 1 spot available this month. I only accept 2 clients per month.


Brand-refresh, sales page website, and a launch strategy that will position you as an expert in the online space & implemented all in ONE VIP DAY.

Converting sales page website to host your one premium offer

Back-end systems and strategies for launch and beyond

Brand-refresh you will be proud of


what my clients are saying

▶ 45 min Project Kick-off ZOOM Call to show you how we move along and stay on track and do not waste any more time! Then we will book your VIP DAY on the call!

▶ Voxer Voice Chat support throughout the project - staying in touch is fun now!

▶ Structured pre-work, no worries, we have an exact framework to follow
BRAND HERO VIP DAY Workbook - Website Copy / Premium Offer/ Niche/ Downloadable Freebie or Live Event Copy / Email Sequence Copy.

▶ Brand Photoshop research and set-up, I will guide you through what type of pictures we need. We will find a local branding photographer for you, all you have to do is dress up, show up and be authentically you, so the pictures and homework are ready before we go!

▶ Branding refresh/logo update or font logo/colors - we will take you out of the past and your branding will reflect you, we will select colors, fonts and refresh your logo so they become a reflection of your offering.

▶ We will select a template for your website sales page too - 3 to choose and customize from.

1 hr Marketing Call before VIP DAY - to go over homework, brand photoshoot review, finalizing everything we need before VIP DAY.

How do we get from daily struggle to online confidence in less than 3 weeks?



One sales page website that has one offer, that has one converting freebie or live event sign-up connected to newsletter software of your choice - hosted and live on Showit platform - easy to manage website, that is built to convert visitors, easy to update and maintain, reflects your new branding fully. BONUS: Beautiful mobile version.

▶ Flodesk (or other newsletter software) setup with colors and fonts and first 3 automatic emails for a downloadable freebie or live event promo.

▶ Flodesk (or other newsletter software) newsletter template set-up - you will get the best email deliverability with easy to use software that I highly recommend, your account will be set up and ready to go.

▶ Canva Pro account set up for 10 graphics and 5 story graphics, LinkedIn or Facebook cover image, all logos /fonts and branding elements uploaded - you will get images / templates to use for the future social media posts, so you can hit the ground running right away.

BRAND HERO Custom Launch Strategy Document delivered to you, so you can use it and reuse it for success. You will know exactly how to put your new brand and website to good use! You will know what type of content you will put out, when, and why.

Loom Videos Walkthrough how to update the website, your newsletter software and use Canva graphics - you will be in charge right away with your site, newsletter, and Canva accounts.

14 Day After-Launch Voxer Support - never feel lost just voice message me for support if you forgot how to get into something, this is voice support for services delivered during 7hrs of VIP DAY, or to share your instant wins with me!

done in a day 7 hrs of work - we do need to spend weeks or months to have your business reset and ready to win over new clients!

"When I finally decided my business needed a website, I knew exactly who to call. Olga listens to your needs and pulls together amazing creative designs, whether it's a logo or a full website. She goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what your business needs to grow. She also stays on top of the constant marketing changes to help you continue serving your clients best."

- Rebecca, Health Coach, Twisted Wellness and Yoga

Only 1 spot available this month. I only accept 2 clients per month.


Brand-refresh with easy-to-follow worksheets, checklists, video instructions, and more. We will update your logo, select new colors, build a mood board, pick fonts, etc. We’re getting to WORK so you can see for yourself how amazing your business can be! In this phase, we will build your online presence and position you as an expert. ($1500 Value)

Lead Generating One Page Sales Website to attract and convert your ideal clients. Perfect copy, layout choices, your new brand photoshoot images throughout, and a freebie or live event promotion. BONUS: a custom mobile site that looks awesome in the palm of the hand. ($3000 Value)

Launch strategy and tools to take your daily struggles from “I wonder what I am doing today”, to having a game plan to focus on one premium offer for your ideal client. All back-end tools and software set-up and running and ready for you to use! ($1000 Value)

Recorded Walkthrough Videos to help you take charge of your own business. Voxer Voice Chat support through the project and 14-days after BRAND HERO VIP DAY. ($500 Value)

Your BRAND HERO Investment


Only 1 spot available this month. I only accept 2 clients per month. So grab your spot before they are all gone!

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"Standards of excellent, ability to intuitive what is needed, professionalism, lightening fast turnaround times, effective nature of her packages, creative prowess, depth and breath of creative expertise, 'can do' attitude, nothing is a problem, ability to interpret and make suggestions is nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY and of world-class standards!"
- Sally Anderson, Leadership Coach To The Influencers

Only 1 spot available this month. I only accept 2 clients per month. So grab your spot before they are all gone!


▶ It will take you to my BRAND HERO VIP DAY Online Application or you will schedule a quick chat with Olga

▶ Once you fill it out, I will review it in detail (allow me 48-hrs please) to see if we are a good fit to work together

You will receive an email from me letting you know if you're approved for the program and how to make a payment to get started or if we are not a good fit I will let you know as well

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

Why BRAND HERO VIP DAY day is right for you...

▶ This solution is based on my own experience being a graphic design/web design and marketing professional for 15 years.

We do not have time to waste. I designed this program to be transformational and something we can complete in 3 weeks or less, delivered in one VIP DAY.

▶ This solution is based on my experience being an international online speaker for the past year and talking to hundreds of personal & professional development coaches and speakers - seeing all the human potential out there being wasted without branding to match!

This is the most exciting time for personal & professional development coaches and speakers because everyone is looking for a transition, whether in-home, business, or workplace.

▶ The world we live in right now needs your help and services, we all are a hot mess! Do not wait a day doing the same old thing that does not attract any paying clients, step into your own BRAND HERO powers!

This program is a two-way street and it will require your time commitment and effort as well. Your success will depend on how serious you are to be seen as an expert in your field and finally start charging premium pricing for your one premium offer. Get ready to show up and be authentically you!

"BRAND HERO program exceeded all my expectations!

This program could easily be double the price, 

Oh, Olga, you are a true leader in space of branding. Thank you for all you have done, over-delivered, and consistently evaluated my branding, thinking, and what is possible."

- Ela Staniak, BRAND HERO VIP DAY Graduate

Why wait another day? Only 1 spot are available this month.
Do not waste another day doing the same old approach that is not working in the new online world!

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as seen in:

Olga is a branding and website designer who helps personal & professional development coaches and speakers overcome having to chase paying clients so they can achieve success in business with branding refresh, sales page website, and a launch plan.

She’s passionate about supporting personal & professional development coaches and speakers because she knows firsthand the struggle of not having a brand authority. She has seen the industry’s best service providers fall flat in online presence when they have so much to offer to the world. Over her 15 years in marketing, she’s been responsible for 100s of clients improving their online branding and website presence and simply getting what they want with less effort and stress with her simple approaches.

Now, she’s helping personal & professional development coaches and speakers like YOU. To help you at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one, she produced her guided program BRAND HERO VIP DAY. When she’s not helping her clients grow, you can find Olga enjoying family time, volunteering for Creative Society project, running after 2 kids, and traveling. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you). ;)


QUESTION 1: How are you going to do it all in one day?

Great question! Your VIP day will be scheduled on Thursday at least 2 weeks in advance. During YOUR VIP DAY, I dedicate the day (7 hours) to work on your project and provide you the deliverables in one day.

Why two weeks out? Because we have homework to do, do not worry I take you there step-by-step. I have a project management software that will help us stay on track, you will have your branding photoshoot done, you will select your colors, fonts with my help and guidance, we will do a brand mood board together, you will choose a template for your website, we will work on your niche and copy, all of it together. Super organized and not overwhelming. We will do a marketing call kick-off to make sure we are ready! It all will come together in one BRAND HERO VIP DAY.


We can reschedule your BRAND HERO VIP DAY up to 2 times because life happens (for both of us) and we want to make sure that we stay on schedule but allow for the alien invasions or sick days.

We will also make sure you stay on track by assigning due dates to each large and small task and I will make sure that we are not falling behind. Sounds boring, but we will make it fun with voice reminders via Voxer.

QUESTION 3: WHAT PROGRAMS / Subscriptions DO I NEED to keep going during and after launch?

I will provide you with the list of your business tools (yay tax write-offs!) and my recommendations and promo codes to use. (yay savings!)

Here is a quick break down:
- Showit platform for your website with so many benefits to my clients it is the only one I will recommend: $19 or so aka website hosting
- Domain name - About $8 / year
- Newsletter software about $19/month - I recommend Flodesk
- Canva PRO account - free for 30 days, $119 a year after - your new best friend and launch strategy buddy
- Brand Photoshoot is required and usually can run you $300-$600 based on your local market. What a great investment in yourself!
- Possibly a booking software - free version of Calendly will do or others
- If we choose paid fonts you are responsible for licensing fee, anywhere from $10-$35 per font or font bundle
- We will discuss any other fees your business might endure based on your needs


Great question, we work as a team, I know my business the best, you know your business the best. Homework is part of it, so you will have to invest some time into it, even your brand photoshoot might take half a day to do. You will need to dedicate at least 15hrs of your time during the 2-3 week prep phase of the BRAND HERO VIP DAY program. It is nothing compared to the time you save not doing it all yourself anymore.

QUESTION 5: How do I manage my assets after the launch?

Everything I do is with YOU in mind. Your website will be easy to update and manage on your end once it is built, I will record a video for you of how to do it and I will provide enough resources that anyone can do it.

Your brand refresh will be uploaded in your own CANVA pro account: colors, fonts, logos, social media templates for launch use and future re-use. I will record a video of how easy it is to use and how you can plan out your monthly social media content in a day! Video instructions provided.

Your newsletter template and email sequences for your freebie will be loaded into your account and ready to go! You will be in charge!

QUESTION 6: Why is a brand photoshoot required?

I have been invited to be a speaker at many international events, I have hosted about 100+ live interviews and I have seen amazing personal & professional development coaches and speakers like you, that are ready to change the world!

Unfortunately, most do not stand out and do not even have a headshot they can send over for the artwork, nor a website that indicates their passion for helping people thrive. It is time to stand out and get paid for your services and your expertise! (I will help you secure a photoshoot before our BRAND HERO VIP DAY)

You are investing in your future! Photography is more important than ever before in helping you to stand out, make a first impression, and connect with your clients. Lifestyle photos will help us tell your story!

QUESTION 7: Why are we focusing on one premium offer only?

You might have 10 different offers, but saying “I do it all”, says “I do not specialize in anything” - please pick me! Being desperate looks like it. We want to make sure to align you as a premium service provider and as an authority with your ideal client, focusing on one offer you can put in a bank and not struggle anymore. You empower your clients to believe in themselves, it is time to give yourself that freedom too!

QUESTION 8: What if I need additional help after launch, such as a presentation, business card or brochures, etc.?

We can discuss that as the time comes, however, I will empower you to use the CANVA pro account with your brand graphics. If you do not have time, I can provide you a custom quote or suggest a designer that can help you with it!


The program is designed to help you achieve the best results possible in less than 3 weeks and to be launch in one BRAND HERO VIP DAY. There are no refunds for these services - as we are here to achieve results fast and move quickly, so you can start promoting your one premium offer and get the paying clients you deserve.


You get the best deal when you book and pre-pay in full. But the payment plan is available right now. 

TWO payment options:
- Either one payment of $2997 (Save $250)
- Or two payments of $1750 - one today, one in two weeks out. (must be received before VIP DAY or final delivery day)

Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of the welcome details. You will get your Kick-Off call with me right away so we can book that BRAND HERO VIP DAY and start chopping away!

Next, I will set you up with project management software, you will start receiving all information and direction from me you need - all in easy-to-access form.

We will start setting up your brand photoshoot with a local photographer of your choice. We will start nailing down your brand refresh, the website built with a launch strategy to match!
Oh yeah. Let’s do this thing!


You should book right now! I only offer 2 VIP DAYS a month and they fill out fast. You do not want to waste any time, it is your business and together, we can elevate your brand and website fast and have you scooping paying clients in no time! Do you still have any questions? Great, let’s do a quick zoom chat, so I can answer them for you! Schedule here.


I have designed 3 sales page websites for you to choose from as a starting point. Each one will be modified based on your branding and using your professional brand photography. Also, each one comes with website copy workbook, so you will know exactly how to write your copy and take your ideal client on a journey.


I am glad you asked! Most of my work can be seen on my Instagram, you can check out CLIENT SHOWCASE here too if you are looking for something more specific, please let me know.

"This is crazy, but the whole rebrand gave me a new level of alignment with my brand. And even the last two weeks without showing my new website to my prospects, having the visual in my mind of new branding plus doing a post on socials gave me a new level of confidence which equals more prospects.

I have discovery sessions book regularly and referrals dropping into my inbox weekly. I had no idea rebranding would be so beneficial to my business to tell you the truth!"

- Ela Staniak, The BRAND HERO VIP DAY Graduate

Only 1 spot left this month. So grab your spot today!


"My team was working with limited understanding of how we wanted to show up to our audience and were flying blind.

 I'd worked with another designer awhile ago and she came back with images that just didn't relate and looked cheap, so was a little bit hesitant to find another designer, until a good friend recommended Olga."

- Elizabeth Elenor,

You did not quit the corporate world or an office job, to be miserable at selling yourself for a passion you have to help others as a personal & professional development coach and speaker. You are ready to match your inner potential with an online world. You are ready to show up and be seen.

You are ready to become a powerhouse and be proud of you as a brand! You are ready to be in charge of your future. Let’s get to work together! Apply for the BRAND HERO VIP DAY program today, so we can have you up and running in less than 3 weeks!